The Slanted Door Restaurant – San Francisco



2010 should go down as the most exciting year of Bay Area dining in more than a quarter century.
That’s a bold statement, but one easily supported considering some of the new places that have opened since the last Top 100 list was published a year ago.
The bar/restaurant scene has been redefined with Bar Agricole. The “pop up restaurant” craze found firm footing at Mission Chinese Food. Places such as Saison and Commonwealth have introduced a generation of chefs who don’t carry all the financial baggage once required for fine dining. Corey Lee, a protege of Thomas Keller at the French Laundry, has practically reinvented fine dining at his minimalist, Asian-infused Benu.
The last year was truly a time for reinvention and reinvigoration: Michael Mina moved his top-rated eponymous restaurant in the Westin St. Francis over to the Aqua space where he got his start. He’s created a menu that’s very 2011, with Asian-inspired combinations; replaced Bernardaud china with handmade porcelain; and jettisoned thick tablecloths for finely polished wood tables.
Hiro Sone did much the same at his 23-year-old Terra in St. Helena. He and his wife and partner, Lissa Doumani, split the space in two and turned the other half into Bar Terra.




The Slanted Door Restaurant – San Francisco
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The Slanted Door Restaurant – San Francisco
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The Slanted Door Restaurant – San Francisco


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