SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa – Downtown LA



SUGARFISH by sushi nozawa, with multiple locations in Los Angeles, is a different kind of sushi dining experience. Our restaurants serve only traditional sushi of the highest quality based on Chef Nozawa’s style of sushi. Our passion is to carry forward his great tradition and style of food – which many believe is the best sushi there is.

Old school values.
SUGARFISH embodies the philosophy of celebrated sushi chef Kazunori Nozawa, well-known for his Trust Me-style sushi at Sushi Nozawa, which operated in Studio City from 1985-2012. Nozawa shuns “American-style” extravagant rolls and fusion dishes. Instead he concentrates on the purity of his basic ingredients— nurturing relationships with the finest fish purveyors across the globe, cutting his fish with an artisan’s painstaking care, and even making his own fresh soy sauce and ponzu.

New school vision.
To bring Chef Nozawa’s legendary food to our guests with quality and efficiency, the SUGARFISH team has made some changes that defy the conventional wisdom about sushi places. Our menu, while always featuring the highest quality items, is greatly simplified. Guests choose from three core menus called Trust Me’s, a takeoff from the traditional Japanese omakase. The biggest change is there are no visible sushi chefs behind the sushi bar. By moving our sushi-making to the kitchen, we are set up for maximum quality and efficiency (and not for show).




SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa – Downtown LA
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SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa – Downtown LA
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SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa – Downtown LA


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Skinny Table’s Healthy Recommendations

SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa Restaurant


  • Organic Edamame $2.50


  • Oyster Sashimi $5.75
  • Halibut Fin Sashimi $6.50
  • Tuna Sashimi big eye $7.50


  • (2 Pieces) Salmon $4.50
  • Bay Scallop $4.50
  • Nozawa Shrimp $4.50
  • Tuna big eye $4.75
  • Unagi $4.75
  • Albacore $5
  • Snapper $5.25
  • Yellowtail $5.75
  • Large Scallop $5.75
  • Halibut $6.50
  • Halibut Fin engawa $6.50


*When Available

  • Salmon Eggs $6.50
  • Sweet Shrimp $6.75
  • Uni $9.75

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