Neta – NYC



“Neta” means the fresh ingredients of sushi. Our restaurant brings you the best neta with unique preparations and warm service for a special dining experience.




Neta – NYC
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Neta – NYC
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Neta – NYC


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“Omakase” Means “Chef’s Choice.” Omakase Is Available For The Entire Party Only.
Omakase this full menu is highly recommended for guests to experience the chef’s inspirations. omakase is seasonal and reflects the best available neta (ingredients) currently available. each course is designed to harmonize with the next. please let your server know if you have any food allergies. 95.00 135.00

From The Sushi Counter

  • Spanish Mackerel Tataki myoga vegetable salad, tempura flakes, ginger soy 13.00
  • Kanpachi & King Mushroom spicy potato, serrano peppers (Request No Potato) 15.00
  • Dungeness Crab cucumber, wild parsley, dashi vinaigrette 18.00
  • Akami Sashimi Salad wasabi zest, nikiri soy 24.00
  • Toro Tartar & Caviar caviar, grilled bread (Request No Grilled Bread) 48.00

From The Kitchen

  • Edamame sea salt 5.00
  • Szechuan Spiced Salmon bonito flakes, crispy rice 15.00 (Request No Crispy Rice)
  • Grilled Whole Shrimps lemon and salt 12.00
  • Grilled Scallop uni, garlic soy butter, lime 18.00
  • Grilled Collar house­made pickles 18.00
  • Wagyu Beef Tataki maitake, seaweed salt, perigord truffles68.00

Sushi Or Sashimi À La Carte

  • Toro tuna belly 12.00
  • Akami lean tuna 7.00
  • Suji grilled toro sinew 7.00
  • Sake salmon 5.00
  • Kanpachi yellowtail 6.00
  • Hirame fluke 4.00
  • Ikura salmon roe 4.00
  • Tobiko flying fish roe 4.00
  • Tai sea bream 5.00
  • Kani dungeness crab 6.00
  • Aoyagi orange clam 4.00
  • Hotate scallop 6.00
  • Uni sea urchin 9.00
  • Unagi eel 6.00
  • Sawara spanish mackerel 5.00
  • Ume Shiso 3.00
  • Shiitake 4.00
  • King Mushroom 4.00

Vegetable Rolls

  • Grilled Maitake 11.00
  • Sautéed Shiitake 10.00
  • Cucumber & Avocado 7.00

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