Mr Chow Beverly Hills Restaurant – LA



Opened in 1974 by world famous restaurateur Michael Chow. MR CHOW started in London in 1968 and continues to enjoy generations of devoted clients from art, fashion, music, and entertainment. Art, celebrity and superb cuisine all blend together in this stylish restaurant in the heart of Beverly Hills, it has always been an institution for Hollywood’s biggest stars and its loyal clients.
The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences recently awarded MR CHOW the 5 Star Diamond Award for excellence, service, and cuisine. Our Executive Chefs are one of most respected chefs in Chinese cuisine. MR CHOW is a combination of old authentic Beijing and Original Recipes. Chicken Satay, MR CHOW Noodles and Ma Mignon all were created by our passionate and skillful chefs. Also on the Menu is one of the best prepared Beijing Duck in the world.
“Mr. Chow defies all odds and remains an impossibly chic spot that still draws the rich, famous and well-heeled decades after.” – Los Angeles Times




Mr Chow Beverly Hills Restaurant – LA
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Mr Chow Beverly Hills Restaurant – LA
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Mr Chow Beverly Hills Restaurant – LA


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Skinny Table’s Healthy Recommendations

First Course

  • Chicken Satay original recipe
  • Squab With Lettuce vegetarian available. diced chicken and vegetable
  • Salt & Pepper Prawns
  • Glazed Prawns with walnuts

From The Sea

  • Fresh Steamed Branzino minimum 3 quests
  • Drunken Fish fresh sole poached in wine
  • Steamed Sea Bass served with ginger and cilantro
  • Squid In Xo Sauce sauteed with asparagus
  • Fresh Live Lobster
  • Green Prawns
  • White Prawns
  • Black Prawns
  • Nine Seasons Prawns With Three

From The Sky

  • Joanna Chicken chicken breast sauteed with wine and garlic
  • Whole Table Served Family Style (Min 2 Guests) Balanced And Harmonius Dinner From TheSky, Land And Sea Served With Vegetables And Sauteed Rice Additional $5 Per Person With Ma Mignon, Fiery Beef, Or Whole Fish.
  • Classic two course dinner (per person) Mr Chow two course dinner choice of fresh lobster, fresh crab or steamed seabass (per person)
  • Beijing Duck three course dinner: roasted to order in authentic beijing duck oven for 40 min (per person)

From The Land

(Request for without butter)

  • Ma Mignon filet mignon tender and delicious our recipe since 1975
  • Fiery Beef filet mignon
  • Lamb with spring onion
  • Lamb Filet with beijing spice
  • Mapo Tofu spicy vegetarian

Vegetable & Rice

Priced Per Person

  • Sauteed Baby Bok Choy
  • Fresh Four fresh yellow chives and asparagus
  • Four Color Cauliflower
  • Quartet Of Exotic Mushrooms fresh seasonal mushrooms with fresh bamboo shoots
  • String Beans With Xo Sauce

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