Flat Top Grill Restaurant – Chicago



“Stylish local chain where chefs prepare customized stir-fry dishes & soups in front of diners.”




Flat Top Grill Restaurant – Chicago
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Flat Top Grill Restaurant – Chicago
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Flat Top Grill Restaurant – Chicago


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Skinny Table’s Healthy Recommendations


  • Spicy Green Beans lightly steamed fresh green beans tossed in our spicy thai salt. served with lime wedges and soy sesame. 3.99

Homemade Sauces ­ Savory Selections

  • FTG Sauce burst of citrus and ginger in a soy­based sauce
  • Mushroom Sauce savory with a hint of sweetness
  • Soy Sesame Sauce slightly salty toasted sesame and soy
  • Chi Town Tomato gluten free, dairy free, nut free. basil, roasted garlic and tomatoes. Black Bean Garlic a mixture of black beans and garlic, bold and tasty

Homemade Sauces ­ Spicy Selections

  • Vindahoo cumin, caraway and heat
  • Red Hot Chili full of garlic, sweet and spicy
  • Non Fat Spicy Lime Basil citrus, tomato and sweet chili, not too spicy
  • Red Thai Curry nutty flavored traditional spicy red curry with a hint of coconut

Homemade Sauces ­ Sweet Selections

  • Asian Sesame Ginger toasted sesame and ginger in a sweet vinaigrette
  • FTG Barbeque Sauce tangy and sweet with a hint of salt
  • Teriyaki gluten free, contains fish sauce, sweet and salty with a hint of rice wine vinegar

Protein Choices

  • Beef tender lean cuts of marinated beef
  • Chicken 100% marinated breast meat gluten free
  • Whitefish tender pieces of whitefish
  • Calamari marinated in rice wine vinegar for tenderness
  • Shrimp whole pieces of white tiger shrimp 2.99

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