Our goal at SkinnyTable is to provide an extraordinary healthy dining out experience by promoting “SkinnyTable Healthy Menu Recommendations” for dishes that are good for weight loss, weight maintenance and overall health. SkinnyTable uses its unique algorithm and provides these healthy menu recommendations for top rated restaurants in major U.S. cities.

SkinnyTable encourages patrons to share their dining experiences and more importantly recommend their healthy choices through our social media and featured restaurant pages.


At SkinnyTable, we focus on providing savory choices that are lower in carbohydrates and calories. SkinnyTable’s menus also include items that contain gluten sensitive and vegan choices.


SkinnyTable’s selections help keep restaurant customers out of the danger zone for weight gain and numerous obesity related health problems. Our recommendations support minimizing insulin production and accelerating fat metabolism.


Our vision is to take the question and worry out of what’s healthy when dining out. We’re starting with top rated restaurant favorites of major cities in the United States and we look forward to expanding our brand globally.


SkinnyTable utilizes its unique algorithm to scrape Low Calorie, Low Carbohydrate, Gluten Sensitive and Vegan Items off restaurant menus. Our SkinnyTable Healthy Recommendations Menus are created based off of the following criteria…
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    Low Calorie:

    Under 500 Calories based off of the total calories of all components of the menu item being displayed.

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    Low Carbohydrate:

    Under 30 grams of Simple Or Complex Carbohydrates in total of all components of the menu item being displayed. Fibrous Carbohydrates From Green Vegetables aren’t counted against the balance.

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    Gluten Sensitive:

    All items are gluten sensitive based off of the components of the menu item description.

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    All items eliminate the use of animal products.

Additional Menu Customization Options For Individuals:

  • Request Without Butter
  • Request Dressing On The Side
  • Request Without Potatoes
  • Request Without Rice
  • Request Sauce On The Side
  • Request Without Toast
  • Request Without Chips
  • Request Without Croutons
  • Request Without Couscous
  • Request Without Bacon
  • Request Without Fries

Matt Wismer

Matt Wismer

Matt Wismer is a Miami based Celebrity fitness trainer and nutritionist. He is a certified strength & conditioning specialist (NSCA CSCS) with 10 years of training experience working with clients ranging from professional athletes, Forbes Fortune 500 CEO’s and celebrities. Wismer’s passion for health and nutrition is at the core of SkinnyTable’s healthy menus curation focusing on the popular health categories Low Calorie, Low Carbohydrate, Gluten Sensitive and Vegan.